Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade CD-Key Generator

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CD-Key Generator
“No disks, no delays – and no leaving the house.
With Windows Anytime Upgrade, you can upgrade to a more advanced edition of Windows 7 

  • say from Home Premium to Ultimate 
  • in as little as 10 minutes. That way, you get to take advantage of extra features while keeping your current programs, files, and settings intact.

In the past, upgrading Windows could be a bit of a hassle. 
In Windows 7, the software you need comes pre-installed or you can buy an upgrade key online or from an authorized retail store. 
Now it’s in your hands to upgrade it yourself!

For upgrading: for example Windows 7 Home Premium you have to go to:
Start–> in search bar enter anytime—> start anytime prog—> start cdkey generator—> generate cdkey—> enter CD-Key—> SUCCESS!


  1. you can update all except for KB971033
  2. if already install please uninstall this update and use the keygen to activate it