MiNODLogin for Eset NOD32 (UPDATE)

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Step by step.. Oooh baby..
  • Disable all Nod32 security setups
  • Download MiNODLogin at MiNODLogin_Wa2nPlenyun.rar
  • Extract by Drag & drop folder MiNODLogin on C:\Program Files\ESET
  • Make 


    on advance setup - Enter entire advanced setup tree..

  • Antivirus & antispyware - Exclusions
  • Add C:\Program Files\ESET\MiNODLogin\*.*
  • Don't forget to click Ok
  • Back to folder C:\Program Files\ESET\MiNODLogin  that has been extracted
  • Click MiNODLogin.exe
  • Wait for confirmation of Nod32  activated with username & new password
  • Then re-activate Nod32 security

Good Luck!!!
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MiNODLogin v3.9.7.0

NEW MiNODLogin v3.9.8.1

Special thanks to Gmazzo@MiNodLogin.net