The Daughters of St. Paul Album

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The Daughters of St. Paul

The DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL are consecrated women committed to follow Jesus in a radical manner and to proclaim the Good News to all peoples through the means of social communication. We call ourselves Paulines because St. Paul is our father, patron and inspirer. We imitate him in his deep love for Jesus and in his total dedication to the preaching of the Good News.

I Will Awake the Dawn

Psalm 57 is attributed to David, "when he had fled from Saul into the cave." You can read about that incident in 1 Samuel 24. As a teenager David had been anointed king, though Saul was still reigning. His victory over Goliath made him a national hero overnight. King Saul gave him his daughter Michal in marriage. But as David's acclaim increased, Saul's fear of David's popularity turned to paranoia. Now he sought for David's very life, while David resorted to hiding in a cave. Even so, God shows him there that Saul is in his power.

  1. bless the lord o my soul
  2. the Lord is my shepherd
  3. song of the exile
  4. the glory of God
  5. forever
  6. You are enough
  7. the Lord my help
  8. sing to the Lord a new song
  9. trust, all you people
  10. I will awake the dawn

Where Your Treasure Is


  1. Jesus of Galilee
  2. Come Back Home
  3. Your Hands Have Made Me
  4. Who Will Separate Me
  5. Cast Your Cares
  6. Hail Mary
  7. Go Out to All the World
  8. God Sent His Son
  9. Because You Loved Mme
  10. The Son of Man Shall Come
  11. Simon, Son of John
  12. Where Your Treasure Is