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Google Earth Plus

Existing Google Earth Plus customers

Google Earth Plus is no longer available for purchase.
Please note, the imagery in both Google Earth and Google Earth Pro is exactly the same as the imagery in Google Earth Plus.
One of the main reasons why people chose Google Earth Plus is GPS tracking. Google Earth 5 now includes GPS tracking. We have added support for additional GPS receivers, and now support more than 200 different ones.

Continue to use Google Earth Plus

If you wish to continue to use Google Earth Plus, Google will provide ongoing support of Google Earth Plus with Google Earth 5 for the duration of your license key, or until we come out with a new version of Google Earth.

Move from Google Earth Plus to Google Earth

If you wish to deactivate Google Earth Plus and use Google Earth, please follow these steps in Google Earth version 4.3 or earlier:
  1. Open Google Earth.
  2. Go to the "Help" menu and select "Deactivate Google Earth Plus License" > "Deactivate This Machine."
  3. You will receive a confirmation message that Google Earth Plus has been successfully deactivated. Click on OK.
  4. Google Earth will automatically launch with the Google Earth Plus features deactivated.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro includes additional features to let you to do even more with Google Earth.
  • Print and save images with 3x higher resolution for use in your documents and presentations.
  • Import GIS data and up to 2,500 rows of spreadsheet data.
The imagery in Google Earth Pro is the same as in Google Earth Plus and Google Earth.

Why Google Earth Pro

Many industries benefit from supplying their employees Google Earth Pro. Real Estate companies can present location information to potential clients using movie maker or show high resolution images in marketing collateral. Engineering firms can map site plans with the Image Overlay tool in Google Earth Pro. Discover how Google Earth Pro benefits many industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions from businesses about Google Earth Pro.


What do I get with Google Earth Pro?
Google Earth Pro gives you access to Google's comprehensive globe, including high resolution imagery, street data, panoramic StreetView images, historical imagery, and points of interest. In addition, Google Earth Pro offers tools and capabilities designed specifically for business users, including:
  • Print high resolution screenshots
  • Map large GIS datasets
  • Quickly map thousands of addresses
  • Create custom movies to share with clients and customers
  • Measure area with a polygon or circle
  • View demographic, parcel and traffic data displayed in colorful layers
Does Pro include better (enhanced, updated, real-time, or higher resolution) imagery?
Google Earth Pro uses the same imagery database as the free and Pro trial versions of Google Earth, so there are no changes to the locations you see in Google Earth Pro.However, with Google Earth Pro, you can print these locations at a higher resolution (4800 pixels). You also receive additional tools designed specifically to enhance your organization's productivity, including demographic, parcel and traffic data layers, to name a few.
Can I use the Google Earth imagery in my presentations, reports, website, etc.?
Once you license Google Earth Pro, you can use Google Earth Pro images and data for marketing purposes as long as this data is not sold to any third parties, the images contain copyright and source information, and the images are not used in on-air media without obtaining a special approval. Visit Google's Geo Permissions Guidelines for more details. You may also want to review the Google Earth Licensing Agreement for specific licensing information.
Do I need the Pro version?
If your business is looking to use Google Earth for any external purpose, you will need to license Google Earth Pro. Examples of external use include using screen captures from Google Earth in reports and presentations or otherwise creating materials that will be displayed or distributed outside of your organization. Other reasons to license Google Earth Pro are for the extended set of features and higher level of support. For more details, see the Product Comparison Chart below.
What is Google Earth Enterprise?
Google Earth Enterprise is designed for customers who own large quantities of geospatial data. Find out if Google Earth Enterprise is right for you.

How-to information

How do I get technical support for Google Earth Pro?
You can find the answers to many of your technical questions in the Google Earth Pro Help Center and User Guide. You may also wish to post your question in the Google Earth Community or User Forum.
Active Google Earth Pro customers who are unable to find answers to their questions online are invited to contact us. We offer email and help center-based technical support for active customers of Google Earth Pro.


Google Earth

Google Earth Pro

Print images
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Integrate GPS data
Gain email support
Create premium movies
Import and overlay images
Perform batch geocoding
Measure area
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Personal useConsultants and businesses of all sizes, including site-wide installations