Install0us Errors And Solutions

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Many of iOS users experiencing errors with installous and ask for the solution. Hope it will help you to fix the problems.

I’m trying to update Installous, but it doesn’t show the latest version, just an old one
  1. Remove the following repo and re-add it:
  2. Go to the Manage tab in Cydia, then Packages, and uninstall Installous. Then Refresh the Changes tab, and re-install Installous, with all the new, updated dependencies
When I try to start downloading Installous, a dependency problem comes out
  • You need to be on a firmware greater than 3.1.x, as Installous doesn’t work any firmwares lower than that. Upgrade to 3.1.3, or iOS 4.0.1
During the download process, Cydia displays a “POSIX error”/”size mismatch” error
  1. The download has timed out. Cancel it and try again.
  2. Download the deb file here,
  3. Copy it into /var/mobile (use iFunbox or SSH) and use iFile (click on the deb and press Install) or MobileTerminal to install it (Command = dpkg -i installous-4.2-1.deb)
  4. Remove then re-add the following source in Cydia, and download Installous from there:
Apps that I install don’t show up on the SpringBoard (Can’t be found)
  1. Make sure you have the correct version of AppSync installed
  2. Uninstall AppSync and Installous. Reboot. Install AppSync. Reboot. Install Installous.
  3. Search for the app you installed in SpotLight (Swipe right from first SpringBoard page)
  4. If you have qTweeter installed, use SBSettings to disable the qStatusHelper plugin (More – MobileSubstrate Addons – OFF)
  5. Go into Safe Mode using SBsettings (which disables MobileSubstrate) and try to install the app(s) again. There may be a conflict with a MobileSubstrate Addon
When I try to use an app, it crashes and goes back to SpringBoard
  1. Some of the apps have been on ARM7 devices (3rd generation devices). 1st and 2nd generation devices have an ARM6 processor, which can’t execute apps cracked on the ARM7 processor, which is why they crash. Try downloading the app from another link (cracker)
  2. The app may be self-aware, so it realizes it has been cracked, and terminates itself after a few seconds. This means it’s a bad crack.
  3. Your device’s firmware may be incompatible with the OS requirements of the app. Check the AppStore for compatibility, and update (If you wish to)
When I try to sync my apps to iTunes, they either don’t transfer, or get deleted.
  • Solution 1
  1. Make sure you have the correct AppSync version installed for you firmware
  2. Make sure you have at least 1 legit app from the AppStore installed, free or paid.
  3. Make sure your device IS NOT connected to the computer while you install an app.
  4. Try rebooting, or Respring, after you install an app, then try syncing again.
  5. Make sure iTunes Sync is ON in Installous.
  • Solution 2
  1. Right-click on your device icon in the left menu in iTunes (under Devices), and click Reset Warnings
  2. Right-click again and click Transfer Purchases
  • Solution 3
  1. Download an iDevice filesystem browsing program, like iFunBox, or iPhone Explorer (make sure you have afc2add from Cydia installed)
  2. Open the program you chose, and navigate to var/mobile/Documents/Installous/downloads
  3. Copy the ipa files you downloaded to a folder somewhere on your computer (where you can find them)
  4. Open iTunes, click on File (in top left) and click on Add File to Library, then navigate to the folder where you copied the ipas, hold down Shift (PC) or Command Key (Macs), select all the files (click on the 1st, and the last) and click Open
  5. Alternately, you can select multiple files using CTRL, right-click and click Open
The AppStore is showing updates for applications I installed using Installous

Some of the cracked applications contain a file called iTunesmetadata. The AppStore scans for this file and if it finds that an app has it, it will search for updates for that app. There is NO need to delete the file, unless the update badge is really annoying.
  • Installous has an integrated metadata remover. Go to Settings, then switch On Remove Metadata
I updated my app in Installous, but it still shows an update notification in Updates

The ipa you downloaded wasn’t the latest version. Either the cracker submitted the wrong version of the app (didn’t bother updating it), or the developer forgot to change the version numbers.
  1. Try downloading from another link. When the download begins, look at the name of the file; if it’s not the latest version, cancel it and try again
  2. Wait until a proper updated version of the app comes out
  3. Some apps (like the Google app) have incorrect/messed up version numbers. Ignore the notification, or swipe left on it in the Updates tab, then press delete
I get an “Error building SBCache: No DSID found” notification when trying to install an app
  • Install at least 1 legit app from the AppStore, either free or paid.
I get a “Permission Denied” error when trying to download apps

AppTrackr has banned your IP because you have tried to get the download links too often.
  1. Wait 24 hours to get a new IP (Almost everyone has a dynamic IP, which changes on a daily basis).
  2. Find out your IP using this site, When you have your IP, send a message to supaazn,
  • Note: Just sent your IP address (something like , nothing else.
I get an “Unexpected Content” when I try to download an app

This error occasionally occurs when you try to download an app from FileDude, and is not related to Installous. Due to millions of people trying to download files from FileDude, their servers sometimes get overwhelmed, and when Installous requests an IPA file, FileDude instead displays a HTML page with “ticket expired” error, which is a format that Installous doesn’t recognize
  • Try downloading the app from an alternative link, like MediaFire, or if there are none, retry FileDude from a different uploader.
I get an “Invalid IPA” error when trying to install apps

When you get this error message, the iPhone built-in installation framework failed to install the IPA.
  1. Make sure you have AppSync installed (the correct version)
  2. The IPA you are trying to install is either incomplete (not the full file), or it’s not .ipa format (a .rar archive etc.)
I get an “API Unavailable” error when trying to download an app, scan for updates or re-cache categories

Installous is unable to communicate with Apptrackr. This is usually due to Apptrackr undergoing maintenance.
  1. Make sure you’re connected to a working WiFi network
  2. Wait a few hours for Apptrackr to come back online
Many users reports that they can’t install application via installous because of an error “Invalid IPA”. This is because of failure in downloading files or the file it self may corrupted. I can’t find a solid way to solve this error but you can do the following and see what happens next, this works for me.
  1. Close installous, Double tap on home button and force it to exit.
  2. Make sure that your internet connection works well on device. Test it using safari.
  3. Go To Cydia and make sure you have the latest version of installous (Currently 3.6)
  4. Close all applications by double tapping home button.
Now open installous and start downloading a tiny app like “Dual Level Pro”, install it. If the problem exists please share your experience in comment section of this post. I look forward to your response.

[Update 1] If the above process did not solve the problem, try to uninstall AppSync then installous in Cyda and reboot your device. Now just install installous alone it will install AppSync for you. 

Troubleshooting (General)
  1. Update on all Cydia packages. Do not skip updates.
  2. Try Restarting device
  3. Install an application from app store like “Google” before installing applications from Installous.
  4. First select download, wait for it to finish (100% complete) then tap “Downloads” section and install. Double tapping on download may corrupt your downloaded file.
  5. Make sure the file you are downloading works fine. -How To?-
  6. Make sure the following packages exists in your Cydia, if not install them or re-install them to make sure everything is solid and packages are not corrupt. Installous is dependent on these sub package libraries.
  • Erica Utilities
  • zip
  • unzip
  • gawk
  • Curl
  • core utils
  • grep
  • Darwin CC Tools
  • UUID Generator
You can find the Installous.deb file here.

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