My iPhone 3Gs UI Layout

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iPlenyun is my iPhone 3Gs

I add the look and the performance of my iPhone 3Gs User Interface with installing some applications from Cydia. In Cydia you can find a variety of unique applications that are very innovative, attractive and very useful. 
First you have to jailbreak your iPhone to use Cydia and in Cydia you are free to choose and express your iPhone with a variety of existing applications.

In the picture below I share some of the views of my iPhone 3Gs that has been customized

My iPhone BootLogo
  • Apple Loader Boot Logo (BootLogo Addon) by Friggog

My iPhone LockScreen
  • Prestige-Facet-LS-SD (Lockscreen Addon) by Sull

My Additional iPhone LockScreen
  • AndroidLock XT (System) by Zmaster
  • Prestige-SD LockScreen display (Themes) by Sull

My iPhone Notification
  • MobileNotifier (Tweaks) by Peter Hajas

My custom iphone keyboard
  • Color Keyboard (Tweaks) by Yoo Seung Kim
  • Prestige M&M Keyboard (ColorKeyboard Addons) by Maurimuy
  • Emoji Keyboard (Tweaks) by Fossil Software (AppZilla 2) download from installous or apptrack

My iPhone Home Screen
  • Prestige-WeatherTimeDate-Widgets-SD (Themes) by Sull
  • Barrel (Tweaks) byAaron Ash (Charybdis)
  • Gridlock (Tweaks) by chpwn

My iPhone Home Screen Tweaks
  • Graviboard (Tweaks) by Conrad Kramer
  • Locktopus (System) by John Heaton & Coleman Slavish
  • Cydelete (Tweaks) by Dustin Howett 
  • Display Recorder (System) by Ryan Petrich
  • biteSMS (Messaging) by
  • qTweeter (Social) by Efiko Software
  • SBSettings (System) by BigBoss
  • Prestige-SBSettings-SD (SBSettings Addons) by Sull
  • Icy BETA (Packaging) by Infini-Dev Team
  • MultiCleaner (Tweaks) by Petcu Marius (da_petcu21) 

Inside My iPhone Folders
  • Prestige-LiveClock-SD (LiveClock Addons) by Sull
  • WinterBoard (System) by Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik
  • iSHSHit (Utilities) by Aaron Lindsay
  • haxie (Utilities) by Kaikz
  • UDIDFaker (Utilities) by eni9889
  • FakeLocation (Utilities) by Antonio Calatrava
  • Firewall iP (Security) by Yllier
  • FontSwap (System) by Gaurav Giri
  • MobileTerminal (Terminal Support) by Allen Porter
  • iFile (System) by Carsten Heinelt
  • iBye (Utilities) by EvilPenguin

My Cydia SHSH Blob
  • Cydia Installer (Packaging) by Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik

My Cydia Packages

My Cydia Sources

And The Additional Settings
  • Activator (System) by Ryan Petrich
  • CleanStatus (Tweaks) by NakedProductions.US
  • FBUploader (Tweaks) by InfectionFX
  • FBphotoSave (Tweaks) by Filippo_Biga
  • Infinifolders (Tweaks) by chpwn
  • Safari Download Manager (Networking) by Dustin Howett

Soooo.. What are you waiting for???
Special thanks to:
Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik